Multivariate System

Supporting multiple systems such as Point Management, Digital Wallet, Pre-paid Card, Game :latform, Digital Financial Services.

Global MasterCard Pre-paid Card

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Global MasterCard Pre-paid Card

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Global MasterCard Pre-paid Card

The metal card for your on-the-go lifestyle, spend anywhere

Safe and convenient
Versatile promotions
Rebates and rewards
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Digital Wallet

Self-sustaining private key for safe and fast crypto exchange. Smart contract supporting efficient and transparent instant trading.

Pre-paid Card System

Spend anywhere, realizing application of Bitcoin in real-world economy

Integrated Online Point System

Direct incentive mechanism based on blockchain technology, revolutionarily transforming consumption into investment.

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Start accepting crypto payments today

Start adding blockchain assets as a payment method NOW.

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Encrypted investment

Crypto- Portfolio management Providing a full range of personal digital asset management
Bank Fund Custody Secured Assets to perform in any markets
Investment stock IPO priority
Managed by the Commonwealth Nevis (National) International Trust Bank

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About us

StarBox is a comprehensive consumer and financial services ecosystem based on Bitcoin (BTC), connecting online and physical, merchants and consumers. StarBox includes Bitcoin (BTC) points management, digital wallet, prepaid card, game platform, digital asset financial services and other subsystems, covering application scenarios such as payment, top-up, consumption, rebate and digital asset investment. Startbox pays in bitcoin (BTC), breaking barriers between domestic and foreign commercial prepaid cards, connecting digital currency and real-world economy,, aimng to promote the practical application of bitcoin (BTC) in traditional real economy. Try this smart way to get into crypto.

Estonian "Fiat Currency On Digital Cryptocurrency Trading" license